Always be visible with your own drum riser.

Get Visible! With STAGEBRICKS - the portable riser for drum, cajon, keyboard etc. Get out of the depth and became a highlight on stage.

Portable drum riser for all sizes

Drum risers

As a drummer or keyboarder with STAGEBRICKS you can configure your made-to-measure drum or keyboard riser. Exactely as large as you need it. So it even fits to small stages when playing in clubs.
Depending on your drum size two arrays of three or four STAGEBRICKS will last for your riser. Easy disassembly and flat packaging allow for easy transportation.


Understand it as an accessory for your drum set.

You´ll know this: You arrive at set, stage is well but there´s no riser for you. STAGEBRICKS allow adding this valuable accessory to your drum set –customized and portable.

Finally there´s a drum riser that’s perfect on every stage.

This drum riser fits on every stage – even on small once. You can customize to your required size. You can order STAGEBRICKS in different sizes to customize the riser. So you won´t waste additional space on stage.

Compact risers

E-Drums or handy keyboards dont need much space. With an array of three or four STAGEBRICKS you can rise yourself into a visible heigth on small stages. Compact risers can be packed to small packeges - so transport is easy.

Small portable riser for drums, keyboards and cajons etc.