STAGEBRICKS risers - frequently asked questions

Product infos

Standard STAGEBRICKS sizes are 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm (23.6, 27.6, 31.5, 35.5 and 39.4 inches). Standard width is 40 cm (15.7").
You can build your custom sized riser based on this elements. E. g. eight 90 cm (35.5") elements will build a 1,8 x 1,6 m (71" x 63") drum riser. For information about custom sized blocks please see below.
The height of STAGEBRICKS is round about 30 cm (12").
STAGEBRICKS are designed for musicians and specially to withstand their rhythmic movements when acting. Due to the tight grid of bearings no stand will be placed on a large open space. This ensures low vibrations. So STAGEBRICKS risers are veray stable and you will feel secure when performing.
You can put up to 100 kg (220 lbs) on every STAGEBRICKS bearing.

STAGEBRICKS are set up without any use of tools. Tension belts hold the parts together. One minute is enough to set up one STAGEBRICKS element. To fix all elements with tension belts requires small additional time.

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STAGEBRICKS are disassebled and packed to flat bundles first. How to transport them best depends on how much elements you have and what space is available in your vehicle.
STAGEBRICKS are designed to be portable and to fit even into small cars. You might place them in your car e. g. below the rest of your set, beside it or in front of the rear seating. This allows for filling gaps that remain when packing your set. In these cases one or two STAGEBRICKS packages are fixed with an additinal belt.
In case you have a larger vehicle the packages can be packed and transported on a roller board.

No. To set up STAGEBRICKS you just need your hands.

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STAGEBRICKS are designed to be placed on common stages. Small unevenness don´t need to be handled.

STAGEBRICKS risers are fixed by one tension belt for each element in transverse direction. Fixing in longitudinal direction usually will not be necessary as the weight of the riser is heavy enougth. However if fixing them in longitudinal direction is needed it is possible also.

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Order infos

STAGEBRICKS are exclusively available at Pleas contact us for a quote.
We ship to Europe, Americas and Australia with UPS.
The delivery time for STAGEBRICKS is round about four weeks from payment.


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