DIY versus buying!

STAGEBRICK riser for drum, cajon or keyboard

Why not buying a drum riser instead of DIY?

In order to get a custom sized drum riser you don´t need to DIY! STAGEBRICKS give you the possibility to assemble your riser from individual sizes blocks in nearly every size. STAGBRICKS are available in lengths between 23,6 inch (60 cm) and 39,5 inch (100 cm). Based on their width of 15.7 inch (40 cm) you are able to design common sizes for your riser. If needed STAGEBRICKS can be ordered in customized width down to 11,8 inch (30 cm).

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This drum riser is portable!

This drum riser can be disassembled and assembled at any time - so it´s portable. Disassembled STAGEBRICKS can be “folded” to flat packages and are ease to transport. As you can assemble your drum riser in less than 10 minutes it gives you the freedom to take it to all gigs.

STAGEBRICKS packed set

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Many sizes available

STAGEBRICKS - drum riser fitting to all sizes

Customize your riser based on a 10 cm grid. Cized as you need it. Also arange variantions of risers if you have different sets you tour with. Only pick up what you really need at the show and what can be placed on stage.

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Portable for easy transport

STAGEBRICKS are portable and are packed to flat packages in order to be transported easily in your car. So - if you do not tour with a truck the Stagebrick packages will fit into the available spaces in your car. Beside or under your drum set.

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STAGEBRICKS set up is very easy!. You neither need any tools nor helpers. Every Stagebrick is built from wood elements fixed by tension belts. STAGEBRICKS are fixed to each other with tension belts again. You just need your hands for this!